“I try to teach my son that life is about give and take.”
“How do you teach him that?”
“Every week we put some items we don’t need any more on the bench. We leave them there for others to take home. In the beginning people only took stuff but after a while they started to bring things like books and toys to the bench for others to take.”

‘If you could give a piece of advice to other entrepreneurs, what would it be?“
’’Three things; It’s never too soon to start your own business, don’t be afraid to adjust your first ideas and try learn from your mistakes. Look at me for example I started with snow cones only. Soon enough I realized it’s too rainy over here to sale ice cream 365 days a year so I came up with the idea to offer sandwiches. They were doing really well but it was impossible to fit an oven into my cart. I got rid of the sandwiches and now during the colder days I serve peanut soup and rotti rolls and it really works, people love it.”

“I don’t believe in spoiling my grandkids. If they want to cuddle that’s fine but if they prefer to be by themselves that is ok with me. I treat them as adults and teach them how to respect each other. And you know what? It really pays off. The other day I was visiting my 34 year old grandson and all of a sudden he said: You know what grandma, I hope you never change. I love you just the way you are.”