Book Humans of Amsterdam


Author: Debra Barraud
Hardcover: 320 pages
Publisher : National Geographic
Language: English

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While working in the Middle East as a dialogue facilitator Debra Barraud discovers the vital importance of dialogue and the power of storytelling. After returning to Amsterdam Debra, inspired by Humans of New York and Humans of Tel Aviv decides without any experience in photography or writing, to create Humans of Amsterdam. An online platform in which she shares stories of everyday people on the streets of Amsterdam. Nowadays Humans of Amsterdam counts over 550.000 loyal online followers worldwide.

Debra’s aim is to capture the essence of what makes all human beings special and unique. Debra is convinced that every person has a story. The photographs are intimate and spontaneous portraits of humans in all their diversity. Filled with so many photos and stories this book is an exceptional and warm portrait of Amsterdam. From cover to cover Humans of Amsterdam is beautiful, challenging and moving. A novel, a work of non-fiction, a photo book or a collection of stories- this book is all that and more.