“She told me about her life as a full-time working mother with four kids. She explained that she tries to set a good example for them, a role model they can look up to. In the end of the conversation she got tears in her eyes. When I asked her why she said: ‘It’s a Latin thing, we tend to get emotional when we talk about our families.”

Nicaragua – Diriamba

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“My relationships with women never lasted very long. Either they left or divorced me, one even died.” “If you could change something about the past, what would it be?” “I’d probably just stuck with Yolanda, she was a good girl.” Nicaragua - Matagalpa

‘What are you guys doing outside, shouldn’t you be in class?“ ’'No, not today.. It’s cleaning-the-school day!” Nicaragua - Matagalpa

“The first man I fell in love with was already married. Because the Christian missionary movement was in control it was forbidden to get a divorce. That’s why it was not possible to re-marry. We ended up getting four children. The second man I fell in love with was...