“Back in Ireland I’m a carpenter. I came here to help building a kitchen. I was supposed to stay for 10 days but has been over a month I’m still here. Right now I’m trying to build a woman and children’s center but the police refuses to let building materials in because it’s an illegal camp. Meanwhile there are about 3000 man, woman and children trying to survive. Yesterday we were lucky and finally got a floor through the gate. We try to get safe stoves in but the police won’t allow it through the gates. ”
“What is your personal motivation to be a volunteer?”
There is not much reality in our lives these days isn’t it. At least what we are doing here is tangible. I’m not expecting to make a change but at least I can give people warm clothes, tents, or food. I myself don’t need much to survive here. Some tobacco and wine will do’’

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“Last night while my wife, our baby and I were sleeping we suddenly heard a loud explosion. Our gas burner had exploded. Luckily we woke up in time and we managed to get out of our tent. The volunteers have given us a new tent to live in. Now I’m just moving the...

“Don’t you see I have superpowers?” “How?” “Because I’m wearing my Spiderman suit! ‘"What are your superpowers?’” “I can climb on top of buildings, but here I learned how to climb a tree.” (Dunkirk)

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