“After our first kiss I asked him if he wanted to meet me again the following day. He said yes without hesitation. From the very first moment I felt that I didn’t want to be separated from him anymore. A few years ago, that was before we moved to Amsterdam, I asked Gi to marry me. It wasn’t a romantic thing, I just wanted to organize our legal stuff. I’m not a party guy, I have never been so I wasn’t keen on having a big wedding. We got married on a Tuesday. All I wanted was to be married to this man. We went for an ice-cream afterwards, it wasn’t a big deal, but it was us.”

I photographed Andrew and Gi in 2013 when I just started Humans of Amsterdam. After I took their photo in 2013 I was too shy to ask them for their story. When I worked on my book I wanted to meet them again so this time I could actually get to know them a little better. Now they have 2 pages in my book which they totally deserve. To read the rest of their story make sure to order the book 🙂 Also know that by purchasing the book you are making a huge contribution to Humans of Amsterdam and the continuation of this project. To order the book see the link in my bio: http://tiny.cc/mq2pky

“She has been pretty excited about this wedding when we explained her that after church there will be dancing involved.”