“After my relationship ended my friends told me to go on Tinder. I had never heard of such an app but I was open to it. I matched with a woman from The Hague. After chatting with her for two months we decided to go on a date. I drove to The Hague and we went to shore and we ate some fish. The week after she came to see me in Amsterdam. From that moment on we have been together. She is such a good person and I am so lucky that I have found her. Sometimes it amazes me how this world works though. If I would have swiped the other way we would have never met. We would not have been in a four year relationship and I would not have moved to The Hague.”

“I got my first smartphone 2 years ago when I became a manager at the restaurant. It was a hard job and I worked way too many hours. It caused me to have a burn-out a few months later and so I had to quit my job but I got to keep the phone. In the following months I just rested, traveled and dedicated more time to things I love and being with people I care about.

I am a person who overthinks situations a lot. I wanted to be more spontaneous so I tried a lot of new things like downloading Tinder. I have this love-hate relationship with Tinder but like I said, I wanted to stop over thinking every situation so I decided to just go with the flow and have some fun.

One day I had a match with this girl on Tinder and after talking to her for a while we decided to meet up. We ended up talking the entire evening. A few days later we went to the Vondelpark and we sat there for hours. Even though I just met her we had a really good connection and now 7 months later I get to call her my girlfriend. We are currently on a one-week-living-together ’‘trial” but It has been 11 days and I haven’t been back to my own apartment ever since.“