“During soccer matches in Cape town my teammates had their families and friends cheering at the sidelines for them. Because my mum was back in Johannesburg taking care of my sisters there was no one to watch me play. I had to grow up really fast.”
“What was the happiest moment of your life?”
“It was last year, when I was able to buy my mum a car. Now she calls me every day with a story about places she visited with her new car.”

“I was seven years old when my dad died. When I turned thirteen I left my township in Johannesburg to play soccer in Capetown. The day I left my mum handed me a phone. I remember very well because it was the first time I saw a mobile phone. There was only one number in it, which was hers. The first months were terrible. I used to call her every night crying, asking if I should come back home. She never told me rather that would be a wise decision or not. She would just say: ‘You could come back home but don’t forget, one day in the ghetto is not much different from the next.’ ”