“After my relationship ended my friends told me to go on Tinder. I had never heard of such an app but I was open to it. I matched with a woman from The Hague. After chatting with her for two months we decided to go on a date. I drove to The Hague and we went to shore and we ate some fish. The week after she came to see me in Amsterdam. From that moment on we have been together. She is such a good person and I am so lucky that I have found her. Sometimes it amazes me how this world works though. If I would have swiped the other way we would have never met. We would not have been in a four year relationship and I would not have moved to The Hague.”

“I used to be a soccer referee. One time during a match one of the players broke his leg. When the Red Cross arrived with their ambulance I’d already taped his broken leg. The ambulance staff was impressed and asked if I wanted to become a volunteer. That was about 60 years ago. I have been collecting for them ever since. Last month they told me that I have raised over a million euro’s. Next year they celebrate their 150th anniversary and I’l turn 94. I really hope I’ll still be around to celebrate.”

I met Job two days ago after I came back from a meeting at The Hague Central Station. I had seen him before but I never had the chance to approach him. This time my train was 20 minutes late so it was the perfect opportunity to talk to him. I had a great conversation with him. Such a beautiful person. If you are ever at The Hague Central there is a big chance you will see him.