“If you could give the younger generation a word of advice, what would it be?”
“Stand up for your rights! I might be an old hippie but in my young days we protested against the violation of what we thought was right”
“What exactly should they fight for these days?”
“Well for example, they should fight for their privacy rights. These days it’s almost impossible to pay with cash money cause they want to know what you spend. All our mobile devices are being tracked all our information is out there for grabs. And we…we just stand there and watch . But then again I might just be an old hippie.”

“Where did you two meet?”
“We met on an online dating site, it’s actually our first date.”
“Did you both mention ‘blue hair’ in your dating profile?”
“Well I did, he didn’t.Then he showed up with the same hair color.”

“I work as a security guard for an international airline company. Whenever customers are late for their flights I must tell them to reschedule. Something they have to pay for. It´s hard to be the messenger of bad news. A couple times I even cried afterwards.
One day a politician came, not only was he late for his flight, he also carried too much luggage. Because of him being a politician, the company decided to reschedule his flight for free and even offered him a first class ticket. Only a few minutes before that incident I had to send away a woman with a tumor in her face . She also had too much luggage but showed me papers from the hospital saying she was allowed to bring extra weight. When I went to my manager he told me that there was no such arrangement with the airline company and so she had to pay for it.
In the beginning my manager used to be very sensitive to such delicate situations but I have seen him change over the years. That´s why I want to quit this job because I am afraid the same thing will happen to me.”

“If you could be the king for one day, what would you do?”
“Then I wish I had superpowers so I could see my mother again to give her a big hug.”

“I don’t believe in spoiling my grandkids. If they want to cuddle that’s fine but if they prefer to be by themselves that is ok with me. I treat them as adults and teach them how to respect each other. And you know what? It really pays off. The other day I was visiting my 34 year old grandson and all of a sudden he said: You know what grandma, I hope you never change. I love you just the way you are.”