“I used to be a soccer referee. One time during a match one of the players broke his leg. When the Red Cross arrived with their ambulance I’d already taped his broken leg. The ambulance staff was impressed and asked if I wanted to become a volunteer. That was about 60 years ago. I have been collecting for them ever since. Last month they told me that I have raised over a million euro’s. Next year they celebrate their 150th anniversary and I’l turn 94. I really hope I’ll still be around to celebrate.”

I met Job two days ago after I came back from a meeting at The Hague Central Station. I had seen him before but I never had the chance to approach him. This time my train was 20 minutes late so it was the perfect opportunity to talk to him. I had a great conversation with him. Such a beautiful person. If you are ever at The Hague Central there is a big chance you will see him.