“What is your biggest struggle right now?”
“Finding a place to live in Amsterdam.”

“Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a dancer. From a very young age I had it planned out but all of that changed two years ago. They told me my feet did not meet the requirements of a professional dancer and that I had to quit the dance academy. I remember I cried for days, it literally broke my heart.”
“How did you get over that?”
“I don’t think I ever did.”

A few days ago I was walking down Rembrandt square when suddenly I noticed this little girl with bright red shoes being completely hypnotized by two street musicians. I got to talk with her father who told me they were from South Africa and her name is Barbara. I asked him if I could take her picture. He said it was no problem but I would need to get her attention by myself. ‘Things that move tend to hypnotize her’. I kept calling her again and again without any success. I wasn’t going to give up and after a few minutes she gave me this look.
After I took her photo, I sat down and I kept observing her. Then I saw her father encouraging her to take a big step.

Check out what happened:

Small step for mankind, big step for Barbara.

“What’s the hardest thing about being an au pair?”
“The endless cleaning..”
“The lack of space and privacy..”
“The salary!”

“What do you admire most about her?”
“She is a tough one, No matter how hard the situation is she never gives up”
“Can you give me an example of her being tough?”
“She is 91 years old and a few months ago she broke her hip. The doctor said the injury was so bad, she would probably never walk again. But my mother didn’t take no for an answer and now step by step she is walking again.”