“We were fed up with making meaningless TV programs so we both decided to quit our jobs. We came up with the idea to travel the world in 365 days and to meet a stranger a day. Every day we shoot a small clip and ask that stranger for their story. I call it ‘the pursuit of humanity’ but Carl thinks that sounds a bit dicky. So far we have traveled to more then 20 countries and shot over 200 docobites.”
“What has been biggest struggle so far?”
“When you have been filming all day long and you post that clip online and it goes completely unnoticed. We don’t like to complain about it because this is the best thing that has ever happened to us but it can be pretty tough sometimes.
’‘What have learned from this journey so far?”
“That whatever your passion or dream is, life doesn’t become easier when you choose to pursue those dreams. In fact it becomes harder because suddenly you do something you actually care about. But In the same time everything you do does become fuller of meaning”

I met Carl and Epiphany about a week ago they stopped by Amsterdam for their project 365 docobites. As an independent blogger/photographer I know how hard it can be to survive sometimes. They shot this clip of me while I was working and I can only say that they did an amazing job. Thank you both so much!

Here is the link of the docobite they made about Humans of Amsterdam:

A few days ago I was walking down Rembrandt square when suddenly I noticed this little girl with bright red shoes being completely hypnotized by two street musicians. I got to talk with her father who told me they were from South Africa and her name is Barbara. I asked him if I could take her picture. He said it was no problem but I would need to get her attention by myself. ‘Things that move tend to hypnotize her’. I kept calling her again and again without any success. I wasn’t going to give up and after a few minutes she gave me this look.
After I took her photo, I sat down and I kept observing her. Then I saw her father encouraging her to take a big step.

Check out what happened:

Small step for mankind, big step for Barbara.

“I live by the philosophy of the French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre. My favorite quote of Sartre is : Man is condemned to be free because once thrown into the world. He is responsible for everything he does.”
“How does that apply on you?”
“I don’t believe in being a victim. You can’t control which difficulties cross your path but you are able to control your own reaction to those obstacles. The way we deal with tough situations is something we have control over and that reaction truly says something about our personalities. In my last year of high school I didn’t pass all my exams so I had to start all over again. Which meant an extra year of school and leaving my friends behind. In the beginning it was very depressing to be in a new class and having to make new friends. After one week I decided to make the most out of the situation. By the end of the year I had good grades and I was even tutoring my fellow classmates.”