“What do you admire most about her?”
“She is a tough one, No matter how hard the situation is she never gives up”
“Can you give me an example of her being tough?”
“She is 91 years old and a few months ago she broke her hip. The doctor said the injury was so bad, she would probably never walk again. But my mother didn’t take no for an answer and now step by step she is walking again.”

“What is the hardest thing about being 14?”
“Being a child and becoming an adult at the same time. While your dad is secretly following you around to see if you are not lying about going to your friend, your mum is asking you if you should be on birth control.”

“Where did you two meet?”
“We met on an online dating site, it’s actually our first date.”
“Did you both mention ‘blue hair’ in your dating profile?”
“Well I did, he didn’t.Then he showed up with the same hair color.”

and then this happened..