“I was only seventeen when I met my first big love. I thought she was the one but after one year we broke up. Honestly it broke my heart. I am from a small town in Germany and I have never really felt as if I belonged there. When my relationship ended I started to think about ways to travel. One year ago I came up with the idea to travel while making music. My parents didn’t necessarily thought it was a good idea but my motivation to leave was too strong. I left home a few days ago and so far I’m still getting used to my new living situation but I do feel extremely liberated. I don’t know where I’ll sleep tonight but what I do know is that soon I’m about to get to know myself a lot better.”

“My girlfriend suggested I should try wearing a color. I picked out a purple Hugo Boss suit and it just felt right. Now the only item in my closet that isn’t purple, is a black raincoat. I wore it a few days ago but I wasn’t really feeling it..”
“Why is that?”
“I guess because black is just so black..”