“Last year I graduated from high school but I decided not to apply for Uni. I have always had a big passion for photography and so I wanted to take a year off to practice and discover my photography skills. My parents agreed but only if I would treat it like a real job so that is what I do, 5 days a week I am either shooting or editing photo’s. So far it is going really well and my Instagram account is slowly growing. Next year I’ll probably go to study but I still have no idea what exactly. Before that I want to travel all by myself. Initially I wanted to go to Asia but through Instagram I met many other photographers in Norway so I am planning to go there. It will be the first time I will be traveling alone which is super scary but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do it. I don’t want my fear to keep me from seeing the world.”

I have to ask.. Who is on Instagram?
I thought it would be cool to expand Humans of Amsterdam to Instagram. I will be doing inspirational quotes from Humans of Amsterdam and small scenery videos of the city.
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“I met him on Instagram. He was living in South Africa while I was here in Amsterdam. I had no idea who he was but two days later I quit my job and I was on a plane to South Africa. This was one and a half year ago. Now we are boyfriend and girlfriend.”