In order for Nadia to get her daughter back, The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has to collaborate with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Despite of Nadia’s countless efforts this has not happened yet. That is why we helped Nadia to set up her own campaign which request these two ministries to work together to bring back Insiya back home to her mother. Your autograph can make a huge difference.

“In the 70’s I hitchhiked from Amsterdam to India. I was advised to travel with a knife but I never did. I figured if I would I’d be the one getting stabbed.”

(½)I am the first woman who ever motorcycled from the South of India to the North which is a total journey of 5453 kilometers. I have been riding my motor cycle since I was 16 years old but two years ago I decided to make this specific journey. Many people warned me it would be dangerous and they told me not to go. I knew it could be dangerous especially for a girl alone but my motivation was bigger than my fear.

I took a few Martial arts classes before I went and I made sure to carry a knife and pepper spray with me at all times. Luckily I never had to use it. It took me 10 days in total but when I finally arrived at my final destination I felt very little excitement. That was until my family and friends called me to congratulate me and that’s when I realized I had finished. The best part is that other girls are now also making this road trip all by themselves. I’m proud that I have finished but I’m even more proud of the fact that I have opened a door for others.