“We have been colleagues for a few months.”
“Are you also friends?”
“I mean we enjoy buying toilet paper together. I’m not sure if we are friends yet but this could be our thing.”

“In my family everyone practices a different religion.”
“What do you mean?”
“My aunt married a Jewish man and now she is orthodox. My other aunt is married to a man from Suriname and their daughter became Muslim. My grandmother was Christian so when she died we all gathered in church.”
“And what are you exactly?”
“Just a human being..”

Seen yesterday after the match at Museum Square

“You’re not the first one to take my picture but at least you asked for my permission.”
“Why is that?”
“Maybe because I always have my book on hand so I can read inbetween walking back and forth from the post depot. And probably also because of the huge sunglasses I usually wear which are bright orange and match with the color of my delivery car.”
“How do you manage to read while delivering mail?”
“I’m a book addict so I constantly read no matter what I’m doing. Sometimes I read while riding my bike or even roller blading. Allthough I have to admit that roller blading is indeed a bit tricky. One time I got pulled over by the police. Since there is no law forbidding rollerblading and reading at the same time there was not much they could do so they send me off with a warning.”

“What do you like most about your brother?”
“When he makes me laugh.”
“How does he make you laugh?”
“When he says: ‘Mama koekalala!’, And you know what? That’s not even a word!”