(½)“Two years ago, on New Years eve my entire life changed. I was 19, studying and I had just moved in with my boyfriend. Together with a group of close friends and my boyfriend we went to a party to celebrate the new year. Everyone was doing some kind of drugs that night but I planned to stay sober. However some people suggested to try 4fmp, a designer drug which is kind of known as a ’‘safe XTC”. I was convinced to try it. A few hours after I took the drugs I started to feel unwell. I was seeing black spots and I was no longer able to communicate properly. My boyfriend took me to the first aid post. When they realized I had used drugs they told me to go home and sleep. The next morning when I woke up I got out of bed and fainted. My boyfriend immediately called an ambulance and I was brought to the hospital. I don’t really remember much of what happened after that. When I woke up the next day I couldn’t feel the right side of my body anymore and when the doctor came in I realized something was terribly wrong.“