“We were three guys from Nicaragua trying to cross the US border. The person who would take us collected 500 dollars from us separately. When we were about to cross the border he suddenly stopped the car. He pulled out his gun and commended us to get out of the truck. He left us behind in the middle of the Mexican dessert without anything. Thank god one of the guys had a big bottle of water, I’m not sure if we had survived without that bottle. There was no other option than to keep on walking. We walked the entire night until we got to a road. A truck driver stopped and brought us to a town nearby. I stayed in Mexico for a while to work. When I went back to Nicaragua I decided to be build something for myself. I got this job as a chef in the resort and I found my true passion. I really love to cook and I love it even more to see the costumers enjoy the food I make.”

Nicaragua – Popoyo

“I have been studying history for the past 40 years.”
“What is the biggest misconception people have about history?”
“The fact that history repeats itself. Before the industrial revolution it probably did, but ever since then changes within society are taking place so fast. It became impossible to predict the future. Before a father could advice his son about the future because he knew what was coming for him. Nowadays a father will not know what kind of world his son will be living in.”
“Would you say we can learn from history”
“We could but the art is to recognize certain patterns in history. Many people think something like for example the holocaust will never happen again but I believe they are wrong. Such disasters could always happen again, just in a different form.”