“I sell them for a few cents per can. I made a bet with my colleague more then 20 years ago that one day I would buy myself a Bentley with the money. In 2010 I almost saved up enough but then the tsunami in Haïti happened. I figured they needed it more then I needed my Bentley so I donated all the money”

“This feels familiair.”
“Have you been modelling?”
“Not really but I was one of those two-year-old who played in a pamper commercial. That was a pretty good gig though. It paid for my way through college.”

“What do you think is the most important value of street soccer?”
“Street soccer is a sport which is only played on the street mostly by teenage boys. Sometimes they are from less stable families. Not only does the sport keeps them busy it also teaches them a lot of life lessons.”
“Could you give me an example of one of those life lessons?”
“The most important lesson is that sometimes losing is even more important than winning. Winning is fun and maybe good for your confidence but losing a match makes you deal with a lot of emotions such as humiliation, anger and sadness. It motivates you to be stronger and fight back within the boundaries of the game. That is what makes you a stronger player as well in the game as in real life.”