“I would dress up as a girl when I was fourteen years old. One time my mother caught me while I was wearing a bra and she told me that it was wrong. I never really stopped dressing up, I just got better in hiding it. It took me 45 years to come out.”’
‘What was your main motivation?“
’’I just got so sick of lying to everybody. I’m very close with my neighbors but whenever I would dress up I’d close the curtains so they wouldn’t see me. When I turned 45 it was enough. I ended up telling my neighbors expecting them to be in shock but they didn’t judge me for a second. 45 minutes later we were having our usual afternoon tea in their garden.”

“In high school I was constantly bullied by my classmates. Allthough they never hit me, psychological harassment is often  worse. They would always find something to ridicule me. Either it was my clothing or the fact that I was gay. Luckily I have a  family who supported me all the way. And maybe because of those horrible years I found my real strength, personality and confidence.I am glad that I never became revengeful and that I still  believe  in solving problems by dialogue.”