“We have been colleagues for a few months.”
“Are you also friends?”
“I mean we enjoy buying toilet paper together. I’m not sure if we are friends yet but this could be our thing.”

“We are in the middle of our final exams and we needed a break so we came to the city. We are from a small village and there is not much to do over there. We have been best friends for over 13 years and we see each other almost every day. After the summer we are going to study in different cities and we are both a little anxious about it. Two weeks ago we didn’t see each other for 3 days and we already missed each other so so much.”

“She is Israeli and I’m half Dutch and half Hungarian. We went to the same international school in Bosnia. We were never close friends until most of our common friends went abroad during the holidays. Both of us were bored at home so she asked me to go on a trip with her. We decided to hitchhike from our hometown Mostar to Sarajevo. It’s about 80 kilometers but it took us more than 14 rides to get to there. Honestly it didn’t matter because we were on a adventure. During that trip we became close friends and we experienced so much. One of the highlights was when we hiked up a mountain. At the beginning of the trail we had two options. we could either take the stairs or actually climb the mountain by foot which would take twice as long. We did not need to think about it. Why take the stairs if you can actually climb the mountain.”

“I went to a normal primary school so I was the only kid in a wheelchair. My parents thought it would be an easy way for me to integrate into society, instead I barely had any friends. I kept being that one guy in a wheelchair. Now I’m in a school that has a mixed program. Half of our school has a disability and the other half doesn’t. It’s so diverse that we barely notice our disabilities.”
“What is your relationship exactly?”
“We are classmates.. and friends who smoke together during lunch breaks.”