“This is her look when mummy dresses her..”

“Her dad and I really love dressing her up. We both get to dress her on different days. Today it was her father’s turn.”

“She has never seen a camera like that before..”

“I teach religious studies in high school. My students are often surprised by my appearance. It’s my way of teaching them that not everything is what it seems.”

“I came to The Netherlands to be an au pair. I was placed in a family with two children. Because the parents were often absent I was responsible for all kinds of extra domestic chores like cleaning, laundry and cooking. I worked much more hours than we agreed on. Because I wanted to make a good impression I didn’t say anything. When eventually I did say something about it, they replied: ‘But we are like family!’ After a while the kids became very attached to me. I noticed their mother could not appreciate this. She kept comparing me with the previous au pair. She would say things like: ‘Laura, didn’t mind to work extra hours’ and ‘Laura never complained.’ Whenever she said that, all I could think was: ‘Why is she not around anymore?’