“Growing up I didn’t believe in love. I think its because I never really had a good example. My parents divorced when I was young. My siblings and I lived with my mum and she had to manage on her own. We are a family of 5 kids and we would always stick together and even now that we are adults and live in different countries we keep in touch on a daily basis.
When I graduated my sister came all the way from China while being 6 months pregnant just to be at my graduation. If my parents would have stayed in the perfect relationship we would not have cherished each other that much. Now that I’m an adult I understand that the situation between my parents is something between them. I realized that if you want to find love you have to let go of your guard. Even if that means getting hurt.’‘

“My boyfriend doesn’t speak Dutch but every Thursday he brings home the Metro Newspaper. Then he makes me translate your column, word by word..”

“In high school I was constantly bullied by my classmates. Allthough they never hit me, psychological harassment is often  worse. They would always find something to ridicule me. Either it was my clothing or the fact that I was gay. Luckily I have a  family who supported me all the way. And maybe because of those horrible years I found my real strength, personality and confidence.I am glad that I never became revengeful and that I still  believe  in solving problems by dialogue.”

Her mum tried to keep her by her side but she was unstoppable. Right after I took their photo this little pumpkin ran up to me and gave me a big fat hug.