“I have always found traveling by train way more romantic than any other transport. Right after my final exams I bought a InterRail ticket and I traveled through Europe by train. It was the best time of my life. When I returned back home I was so disappointed with the results of my finals exams that I decided to keep on traveling. I took the train to Spain and I stayed in Madrid for a few weeks. In Madrid I fell in love with Picasso’s work and I decided to keep on traveling through Spain to see more of his work. After that I started traveling outside of Europe. I once made a 36-hour train ride of which I sat on my backpack for 19 hours because the train was sold out. I could have easily booked a flight but when you travel by train it is more about the journey and when you fly it is just about the destination. ”

“I’m getting so sick of hearing Right-wing politicians talk about that we should leave the European Union and close our borders. They spread fear and they make people believe as if these options are realistic which they aren’t. The reality is that we are in this together and together we have to make it work.”

“Yeah, this might look fun but it´s freakin heavy!”