“I have always found traveling by train way more romantic than any other transport. Right after my final exams I bought a InterRail ticket and I traveled through Europe by train. It was the best time of my life. When I returned back home I was so disappointed with the results of my finals exams that I decided to keep on traveling. I took the train to Spain and I stayed in Madrid for a few weeks. In Madrid I fell in love with Picasso’s work and I decided to keep on traveling through Spain to see more of his work. After that I started traveling outside of Europe. I once made a 36-hour train ride of which I sat on my backpack for 19 hours because the train was sold out. I could have easily booked a flight but when you travel by train it is more about the journey and when you fly it is just about the destination. ”

(2/2)“For my own safety I would never ride my motorcycle at night but one time it took me longer to get to my destination. I ended up riding in the dark in a dangerous area. The road was full of holes and stopping would be even more dangerous. I was scared but there was a voice inside my head saying that if I would survive this experience it would make stronger. I managed to control myself mentally by slowly repeatedly saying to myself inside my helmet: ’‘Just few more kilometeres left and you will be fine. You can do this.” and I could.“