“I was born on a Sunday and until my 17th birthday, I thought that those who are born on Sunday will never work a day in their lives. Boy was I wrong..”

“When I travel, I always hitchhike. Now I’m about to hitchhike to Rotterdam.”
“What have you learned from hitchhiking?”
“That there are so much more friendly people in this world than you would expect.”

Everyone has dreams. Once in awhile dreams come true and when they do, I always imagined it looked something like this.

“He is the best dog in Amsterdam, Well except for that one time he trashed my house, ruined the furniture and ate all the food he could find the in fridge.”

Her mum tried to keep her by her side but she was unstoppable. Right after I took their photo this little pumpkin ran up to me and gave me a big fat hug.