“When I travel, I always hitchhike. Now I’m about to hitchhike to Rotterdam.”
“What have you learned from hitchhiking?”
“That there are so much more friendly people in this world than you would expect.”

“She has never seen a camera like that before..”

“Abortion was never an option for me so when I found out I was pregnant it was obvious I was going to keep the baby. For a very long time I was afraid to tell my family, especially my grandmother who practically raised me. I’m 23 years old and a lot of people think that when you are my age you should live life and party all the time. The truth is that I am enjoying life, just with her by my side.”

“I want to become a veterinarian so when Beau gets sick I can cure him. Maybe one day when your doggy gets sick, I can cure him too!”
“Well thank you so much.. but I don’t own a dog..”
“That’s okay, I can cure your other animals as well..”

Left: “Are you going to put our picture on the Internet?”
Me: “Probably yes..”
Left: “Will that make us famous?”
Me: “Maybe..”
Left: “I’m not sure if I want to be famous.”
Right: “I would love to be famous!!!”