“When I studied in Milan I would visit other places in Italy during the weekend. One day a friend and I decided to go to Cinque Terre, 5 beautiful little villages near the coast. To get from one village to the next you need to take a train. At the time we had very little money so we tried to travel as cheap as possible. We soon noticed that there was no ticket control between stops so we decided to take the risk and travel without a train ticket. Everything went well until our final stop. We tried to play the we-are-lost-tourist-who-dont-understand-the-system-card but they didn’t bought it. They were extremely mad and screamed at us and we both got a 100 euro fine. Now looking back my friend and I can laugh about it but right there we felt horrible. Whenever we take a trip somewhere together we kind of joke around if we should or should not buy a ticket but we both know that we will buy the ticket.”