“My father started selling books here in the 70’s not because he enjoyed reading but because he understood what was popular at that time. He was a passionate entrepreneur and a good salesman. When I was young I would help him during the weekends. Unlike my father I was very passionate about books and I couldn’t get enough of them. I learned so much from him and we made a really good team. I would read all the books we were selling so I knew a lot about the content of the books. He on the other hand knew how to sell books. We worked together until he passed away a few years ago. I still miss him every day but I have costumers coming up to me every week telling me stories about my dad and what a wonderful human being he was. Here at the market I can still feel my father’s presence.”

“I have been studying history for the past 40 years.”
“What is the biggest misconception people have about history?”
“The fact that history repeats itself. Before the industrial revolution it probably did, but ever since then changes within society are taking place so fast. It became impossible to predict the future. Before a father could advice his son about the future because he knew what was coming for him. Nowadays a father will not know what kind of world his son will be living in.”
“Would you say we can learn from history”
“We could but the art is to recognize certain patterns in history. Many people think something like for example the holocaust will never happen again but I believe they are wrong. Such disasters could always happen again, just in a different form.”