“My relationships with women never lasted very long. Either they left or divorced me, one even died.”
“If you could change something about the past, what would it be?”
“I’d probably just stuck with Yolanda, she was a good girl.”

Nicaragua – Matagalpa

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“Our coffee beans don’t have a fixed price. We’re completely dependent on our natural resources and the market in New York. This means that when the harvest is poor it directly affects our lives. We either have to cut down on education, food or investment.” Nicaragua...

“My boy is doing very well in school but my daughter has problems reading because she is visually impaired. I talked with my husband about saving money to get her an eye surgery. Unfortunately he is dealing with an alcohol addiction so that’s where the money ends up...

“It’s important my kids get to go to school. I’m relieved to see that they are learning more and more everyday. I try to support them but it’s hard because I never went to school myself. Sometimes they ask me to help them with their homework but I just don’t have the...