My father has never been able to fully accept the fact i’m in a wheelchair. My mother on the other hand has always been my support system. Three months after I became disabled she passed away. She was dealing with an alcohol addiction and unfortunately it became her death. A few weeks before she passed away, she had gone to the market to do some groceries. When she came back she was all excited because she had seen someone in a wheelchair that was full of positive energy and managed to move easily and smoothly in his wheelchair. She said: ‘Paula, one day you will be just like that. You will be able to move just as fast and energetic in your wheelchair.’ A few weeks later she died. When she passed, I was only 25 years old. It was the very first time I really felt handicapped. Life without her was so incredibly difficult. I’ve dealt with many depressions after that but the story she told me that day has helped me to never give up on life.“