It has never been about the amount of likes.

‘Humans of Amsterdam’ was born out of passion for photography, storytelling and a special city called Amsterdam.
Three years have passed, and even though it has never been about the amount likes, it’s amazing to see how many warm-hearted souls are actively part of this community.
I started this journey inspired by pages such as ‘Humans of New York’ and ‘Humans of Tel Aviv’ not really knowing what I was getting myself into.
This journey has taught me more than probably any educational institution could have ever done. I met so many wonderful people and had the honor to capture their stories.
The most important lesson I have learned is that story telling can save lives. It is probably the most powerful and genuine tool there is to another human being’s heart.
I’m also very proud to announce that next week I will open my first Humans of Amsterdam Exhibition. About 80 photo’s and stories will be up from the 11th of September until the 30th of November in the public Library in Amsterdam near the Central Station. The entrance is free. In the next few months I will personally give a few tours through the Exhibition. It would be great to be finally able meet some of you there!

At the moment, no exact dates have been set yet but if you are interested to be a part of a tour, please send me an email to: subject: Humans of Amsterdam Exhibition tour.

For now, I really want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart,

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