“One day a young man and his brother in law came in to buy some shoes at the shoe store I worked. He was very charming and funny. He kept on trying different pairs of shoes. After two hours of shoe-trying my boss finally asked him if he was actually planning on buying a pair. He bought two pairs and asked me out. I was only fourteen years old but I took my job very seriously and I told him that I wasn’t dating any customers. A few months later while finishing my dancing class, a boy approached me and asked whether I wanted to smoke a cigarette with him. I agreed and once we were outside he asked: ‘don’t you recognize me?’ He turned out to be the boy who had bought the shoes. He said: since you are not working now, can I ask you to go to the movies with me? A week later we went to see that movie with Scarlet O’hara, ‘Gone with the wind’.”