“Every month we raise about 80 euro’s for cancer research. It started when kids in our school were using the word ‘cancer’ as a curse word. We wanted to change that so went to talk to our school principal. He suggested we would have a fundraiser for cancer research by setting up a weekly cafetaria. Since we don’t have a cafeteria in our school we thought it was a good idea to sell Turkish pizza’s. We went to a Turkish bakery and we negotiated with the Bakker. He gave us a really good prize and now we sell pizza’s every thursday.We donate our profit to cancer research. We also talk about the meaning of cancer. We raise about 20 euro’s per week. Many people ask us if they can make an online donation but since we are under 18 we cannot open a bank account. The school has offered to open a bankaccount for us but we turned the offer down. If they control the fundraiser it wouldn’t be our project anymore and we wouldn’t learn and have so much fun”
“What have your learned so far?”
“I learned how to negotiate.”
“I learned how to manage cash”
“..and I have learned how to be an entrepreneur.”