“I’ve always been a shy girl. In primary school I got bullied but don’t ask me to recapture any memories. Even if I wanted to I couldn’t.. I completely blocked out most of it. In high school I got good grades until my second year when all of a sudden things went downhill. I felt really uncomfortable in my own skin and I was extremely unhappy. I couldn’t keep up with the pressure and at some point I became suicidal. That’s when I knew it was time to search for help. The first psychologist I spoke to, I tried to open up as much as possible. I thought, if I tell her exactly how I feel I’ll get better faster. She referred me to another therapist. I felt so betrayed. I kept getting referred from one psychologist to another and it made me shut down completely. During that period I didn’t work on myself. Life passed by and I wasn’t healing. I was just a girl stuck in a clinic sharing a room with three others. Right before my evaluation I realized that if I didn’t open up, my situation wouldn’t change. I managed to get into another clinic. They had a special program for people with a personality disorder. It was the first I felt I had a chance of getting better..” (1/3)