These two were happily playing in the mud when I passed by. Some volunteers stopped to give them candy and hugs. For a second the camp felt less like a camp and more like a playground. Their childish energy made everyone smile and feel a bit hopeful for a moment. In an attempt to start a conversation I asked the girls what they would like to be when they grow up. The question got lost in translation but the youngest answered: “I love my big sister!” Then the oldest pointed at my cell phone and said: “selfie! selfie!” So right before we said goodbye we took a selfie. (Dunkirk)

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“Last night while my wife, our baby and I were sleeping we suddenly heard a loud explosion. Our gas burner had exploded. Luckily we woke up in time and we managed to get out of our tent. The volunteers have given us a new tent to live in. Now I’m just moving the...

“Back in Ireland I’m a carpenter. I came here to help building a kitchen. I was supposed to stay for 10 days but has been over a month I’m still here. Right now I’m trying to build a woman and children’s center but the police refuses to let building materials in...

“Don’t you see I have superpowers?” “How?” “Because I’m wearing my Spiderman suit! ‘"What are your superpowers?’” “I can climb on top of buildings, but here I learned how to climb a tree.” (Dunkirk)