“Instead of applying for jobs after finishing my Master thesis I decided to volunteer. I said to myself, how can I go job hunting while so many people are suffering on my continent. Most refugees here lost family members because of IS. Together with the other volunteers I live here so I have gotten to know a lot of people. Many families invite me over for tea or even diner while they barely have anything. Everyday people thank me for helping them but they should not be thanking me. I feel ashamed of our governments for not protecting them. I feel that as a human being I’m obligated to stay and I will continue to do so, until the conditions in the camp improve.” (Dunkirk)

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“Last night while my wife, our baby and I were sleeping we suddenly heard a loud explosion. Our gas burner had exploded. Luckily we woke up in time and we managed to get out of our tent. The volunteers have given us a new tent to live in. Now I’m just moving the...

“Back in Ireland I’m a carpenter. I came here to help building a kitchen. I was supposed to stay for 10 days but has been over a month I’m still here. Right now I’m trying to build a woman and children’s center but the police refuses to let building materials in...

“Don’t you see I have superpowers?” “How?” “Because I’m wearing my Spiderman suit! ‘"What are your superpowers?’” “I can climb on top of buildings, but here I learned how to climb a tree.” (Dunkirk)