(2/5)“During the war in Syria we always had hope that other countries would not let us die but nothing happened. At some point we were allowed to go to Turkey or Lebanon. I wanted to go but I also knew that if I left Syria I would become a refugee and I would no longer have the possibility to study and that is why I stayed. The war continued and each time I heard a bomb drop I prayed to God that no one got hurt. One day I heard a loud explosion, it was close to my house. I looked on Facebook to see what happened and then I saw that one the University faculties got bombed. Over 80 people died. I started taking a German course to prepare myself for fleeing. A friend suggested to go with him to Turkey. For the first time in my life I left my country. It was a strange feeling but at the same time a relief. The first thing I did when we arrived in Istanbul was searching for a University. I had just finished my third year but even if they had told me to start all over again, I would have done so. Soon I discovered that none of the universities would accept me because now I was a Syrian refugee. After that I had two options left, either I was going to work and stay in Istanbul or I was going to find a job to save enough money to return back to Syria.”