“At school I’d get bullied a lot. At the age of 12 I realized that if I was violent myself, kids in school would leave me alone. I became an extremely aggressive person. By the time I left primary school, I was hanging out with the wrong crowd of friends. They all smoked hash and soon I became addicted myself. I skipped many classes and soon I dropped out of school. I would spend most of my time smoking hash in the coffee shop. The coffee shop became the only place where I felt a sense of belonging. When I was seventeen I got kicked out of my parent’s house. I had no where to go so I went to the only place I knew, the coffeeshop. The owners of the shop had a spare room so they offered me to live there. Soon I started to deliver packages for them. I never knew what was in those packages, I didn’t ask but I knew it wasn’t legal. I was smoking so much, that it no longer had an impact on me. I wanted to experience something new so I started to look for alternatives and I bought cocaine from a prostitute in the “Red light district”. I enjoyed it so much that I started using regularly. I was making a lot of money delivering packages and I still owned a few thousand euro’s that my grandmother had saved up for me. I spent it all on drugs. When the owners of the coffee shop found out I was using cocaine, they kicked me out. I had become unreliable and they didn’t trust me anymore. I lost my house and soon I lost all my money. I was 18 years old and living on the street without a place to go..“ (2/4)