“In high school I was bullied very badly by a group of seven boys and one girl. They always asked me why I didn’t dress normally or why I listened to strange music. At some point they made up a rumor that I had said something racist. They waited for me after school and while I tried to explain that I was no racist, they threw me on the ground and kicked me in my face. An eyewitness pressed charges against them but nothing ever came out of that. Two years later two of them showed up in my class and pretty soon the bullying started all over again. They said they would stab me with a knife and throw me under a train. This time I pressed charges against them. When the police came to my school the principle claimed that I was the one who had provoked the situation. At some point one of their friends thought it would be fun to punch me in the face but this time I didn’t put up with it anymore so I grabbed him by the neck. At that very moment a teacher walked in and I was suspended from school. I went to another school and changed my attitude. I didn’t want to be bullied again so I developed an extremely aggressive attitude. Which is strange cause that’s not the way I am at all.