(½)I am the first woman who ever motorcycled from the South of India to the North which is a total journey of 5453 kilometers. I have been riding my motor cycle since I was 16 years old but two years ago I decided to make this specific journey. Many people warned me it would be dangerous and they told me not to go. I knew it could be dangerous especially for a girl alone but my motivation was bigger than my fear.

I took a few Martial arts classes before I went and I made sure to carry a knife and pepper spray with me at all times. Luckily I never had to use it. It took me 10 days in total but when I finally arrived at my final destination I felt very little excitement. That was until my family and friends called me to congratulate me and that’s when I realized I had finished. The best part is that other girls are now also making this road trip all by themselves. I’m proud that I have finished but I’m even more proud of the fact that I have opened a door for others.