‘’I also I managed to make things right with my mother. I’m still grateful that she decided to kick me out of the house when I was 17. If I had stayed in old neighborhood I don’t think I would have changed. Things were going better until I found out she was diagnosed with cancer. She received treatment but the medication caused her to have several psychoses. Even though the cancer got removed the medication damaged her entire mental health. Whenever she would have an mental attack she would threaten family members or buy really expensive things which got her in financial trouble. She was no longer who she used to be. Every time she would mess up I was there to fix it. During that time, I picked up my love for fantasy books but this time I started writing stories myself. Again it became a sort of escape. I created a saga which contains out of seven books and it’s about a post apocalyptic world, where the rich people live with the last remaining wealth, several humans have evolved. This evolution enables them to gain animal abilities, without losing their human shape. These so called humanimals, humans and cybernetic enhanced people will fight for the fate of the world. Whenever I write I feel free. After 6 years my mother’s mental health was getting better until we heard that her tumor wasn’t removed properly. The cancer had spread and there was nothing they could do for her. On the 9th of may 2015 she passed away and I still miss her every day.
Over the years I have learned to accept each emotion that comes along. In our society we are not ashamed to smile but it feels like a taboo to cry. I believe that the feeling of happiness is not superior to the feeling of sadness. All emotions have the right to exist within me and I am at peace with all of them.“