“When my daughter got kidnapped I knew I had to go public with my story in order to find help. I was anxious but when I shared my story here it went internationally viral. I received thousands of heart warming messages from men and women from all over the world. When you go through a situation like this, life becomes a nightmare but that love and support becomes a light in the dark. When my story got picked up by the Indian media my phone was constantly ringing and finally people in India were aware that a 2-year-old Dutch child had been kidnapped and smuggled out of the European Union to Mumbai. Every day I talked to various reporters and I provided them with official documents, contact details of the Dutch Police so they could verify the story. I hoped that this media attention in India would lead to a response from the Indian government. Again and again I reached out to Shushma Swaraj, India’s minister of foreign affairs but until this day I have not gotten any response from her or her Government.”

“On the 12th of January 2017 there was the first court hearing. It was also the first time I saw one of the kidnappers in real life. A few days before the kidnap he had been flown in from the US by my ex-husband. It was a surreal experience to sit only a few meters away from a man who ruthlessly had participated in the kidnap of my own daughter. During the trial I found out that the kidnap took 10 months of preparation and that my ex-husband had hired a team of 7 men to carry out ’‘Operation Barney”. They even gave it a name..“

’’It has been 5 months ago since I have seen or heard from Insiya. She is an apartment in Mumbai and as far as I know she has not been outside once. My ex-husband has hired one of the best lawyers of The Netherlands and he has presented me with the conditions in which I am allowed to see my own daughter. He has demanded me to take back my police complaint, stop the criminal prosecution of the kidnapper and that I cancel the Interpol Arrest Warrant that has been filed against him. He also demanded full custody of Insiya. To me this is not a proposal but blackmail and extortion. I as a mother have a responsibility to act in the best interest and wellbeing of my child. ”

“There are days when there is some progress in terms of criminal prosecution. This weekend has been a true rollercoaster of emotions. Yesterday I heard that the 7th kidnapper has been arrested in Iran. Those are the days I have hope in our system of justice. There are also days when people who live in the same building as Insiya hear her Insiya cry for hours at night. That is when I feel as if the world is collapsing and I feel hopeless. I wish I could tell her I love her and that everything will be all right. The thing is that it doesn’t matter if I have a good or bad day. What is important is that I keep fighting for her..”
In order for Nadia to get her daughter back, The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has to collaborate with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Despite of Nadia’s countless efforts this has not happened yet. That is why we helped Nadia to set up her own campaign which requests these two ministries to work together to bring Insiya back home to her mother. Your autograph can make a huge difference.