(2/2) “The drugs had given me a stroke and it partially paralyzed me. While I was in the hospital friends and family would still visit me but once I went into rehabilitation it became less and less. I was no longer the fun friend who could go out and party. I had become a burden. During my recovery I was so scared of being abandoned by friends and family that I forgot to focus on my own recovery.After one month in rehabilitation I went back home to live with boyfriend. Even though he was really supportive I felt really lonely. The situation was hard for him as well because he was working, going to school and taking care of me. After one year I was doing a bit better but our relationship was no longer working. I think too much had happened so we decided to split up. Until this day I am still friends with him and I am so thankful that he was there for me.

From the moment I ended up in the hospital my life changed and for a long time, I was angry at myself. Over and over again I kept on thinking about how different my life could have been if I hadn’t taken the drugs. I lost a part of my health that night. I have also been angry at the people around me but I have learned to let go and forgive. I am not mad at anyone anymore and I try to be positive and to just focus on my relationship with myself. I am partially paralyzed and that it is something I am learning to accept. Instead of seeing my condition as a handicap I see it as my most important life lesson.”