”Now that I live here, everything is different. I can become friends with both boys and girls, I can play soccer and I can wear whatever I want to wear. I love the traditional Afghan dress that I am wearing now. However, back home people would tell me to change my shoes because they are boys shoes. Here people don’t care if I wear these sneakers under a dress. My biggest dream in life is to set up a school for girls in Afghanistan so they can learn how to read and write. I want all the girls in Afghanistan to know that they can do anything boys can do.”
Madina, 16 years old, from Afghanistan (Brussels, Belgium)


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''I have only been in an airplane once and that is when we arrived here from Somalia. In the airplane, I felt butterflies in my stomach the whole time. When we arrived at the airport, I finally saw my dad again. I had not seen him for a very long time. So I ran up to...

1/2''My first day here in school I only knew how to say: ‘Bonjour’. I was really lucky because there was another Kurdish girl in my class so I had someone I could speak with. Now I speak really good French and I have made a lot of other friends but she remains my best...

'''What is you biggest dream?'' ''That all people would have wings, just like angels. Then we would all be able to fly, hug the moon and touch the sky.'' Ghazel, 10 years old, from Syria (Lausanne, Switzerland)