1/2”My first day here in school I only knew how to say: ‘Bonjour’. I was really lucky because there was another Kurdish girl in my class so I had someone I could speak with. Now I speak really good French and I have made a lot of other friends but she remains my best friend. Last Friday we had to elect a class president. I wonder what I will have to do when I am president but a lot of kids voted for me. That makes me really proud.”
Roussel, 10 years old, from Syria (Lausanne, Switzerland)

2/2”When I am not in school my sisters and I, we play this game where all three of us are secret agents. Than we wake up our grandmother and we hide behind the curtains. She is really smart because she always finds us. When I am alone in my room my favorite thing to do is dancing. I also love dancing with my sisters and friends. When we are grumpy or sad we dance. It lifts our spirits.”
Roussel, 10 years old, from Syria (Lausanne, Switzerland)

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