”He never had to ask me to marry him, because from the moment we laid eyes on each other, it was clear that we would spend the rest of our lives together. We shared a deep love for each other and our country. We were both officers in the army and together we fought in two wars. We were twenty three when we got married and we had three children. We both loved painting and whenever we could, my husband and I would travel to the countryside to paint landscapes. Five years ago he passed away. A few times a week I come to the park to think. This park is where we used to paint together. When I sit here, I think of him and then I look how beautiful Hanoi has become. I feel proud because that is what we both fought for.”
(Hanoi, Vietnam)

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Seen in Hanoi.

''Today he got his first haircut and he is excited to show you.'' (Hanoi, Vietnam)

''We are just going over the latest neighborhood gossip..'' (Hanoi, Vietnam)