”When our son told us he wasn’t going to be a pastor we felt disappointed. Not disappointed in him but disappointed because one day, someone will need to take over our church. We are pastors and we serve a community of 200 people. We never tried to convince our son because we believe that it is not up to us, to choose his destiny. Our son would be great leader for the community but he choose to study medicine. One day he will become a doctor, a great doctor and he will do good things and he will help a lot of people.”
(Manila, Philippines)

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''When I told my father I was gay he responded with: 'No, you are not. You are mistaken.' It took me 35 years to tell him that. It still hurts when I think about his response. He is not a bad person, I love my father but he will never understand how I can love another...

Left: ''There is a girl in our class and he really likes her!'' Middle: ''No I don't!'' Left: ''Yes you do!'' Right: ''He is in loveeeee!!!'' (Manila, Philippines)

''When I met my wife, I wasn't able to afford her a ring or a wedding so I never proposed. We were in love and we didn't want to wait before we could build a future together. Now we have two beautiful kids and we are still not married. The money we make we use to...