”When I met my wife, I wasn’t able to afford her a ring or a wedding so I never proposed. We were in love and we didn’t want to wait before we could build a future together. Now we have two beautiful kids and we are still not married. The money we make we use to provide for our little family. I know most girls dream about a wedding but not once did she complain about the fact that we are not married. She knows that even without that ring, she is my lady, my wife and I am her husband.”
(Manila, Philippines)

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''I give them the same presents, an equal amount of attention and kisses. I don't want them to fight with each other or develop an unhealthy sibling relationship. They know that there is enough space in grandma's heart and on grandma's lap.'' (Manila, Philippines)

''It won't be long before my family will start to ask me about when I am getting married. I'm 23 and currently I'm really focussed on my work as an investigation journalist. I come from a middle-class family, In The Philippines that means you eat 3 meals a day. My dad...

''Saturday is my favorite day of the week'' ''Why is that?'' ''Because on Saturdays, I take off my ''cab-driver-hat'' and I put on my ''grandpa-hat''. (Manila, Philippines)